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  • land use and zoning

    Land Use & Zoning

    Gonzales Law Group’s APC extensive Land Use Practice assists clients in navigating the complex regulatory process associated with obtaining approvals for any type of development project, whether big or small, urban-infill or greenfield. From a small shopping center, a large transit oriented mixed-use project, or a large greenfield subdivision, GLG has the experience, contacts and industry savvy to successfully and expeditiously obtain required approvals.

    GLG has extensive experience counseling clients on compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act and related environmental issues associated with development projects. GLG can efficiently and effectively guide you through the myriad rules, regulations and decisions that comprise the California Environmental Quality Act.

    Additionally, GLG assists clients during the real property acquisition process by providing critical land use and zoning due diligence. As land becomes more scarce, and as smart growth concepts take hold in urban cores, a thorough and rich understanding of the regulatory process and the associated zoning regulations play an increasingly important role. Identifying the regulatory hurdles, and the necessary approvals needed to implement a project has become vital to project success.

    In today’s difficult development market, obtaining good land use counsel early on can lead to substantial savings down the road.